Moving quote from writer Jeanette Winterson

Moved by this Sydney Morning Herald article I just read, which includes an extract from the new Jeanette Winterson book. Thought I would share a paragraph that I particularly like, quoted below.

I suppose it is because of the forking paths. I keep seeing my life darting off in the different directions it could have taken, as chance and circumstance, temperament and desire, open and close, open and close gates, routes, roadways. And yet there feels like an inevitability to who I am – just as of all the planets in all the universes, planet blue, this planet Earth, is the one that is home.
Jeanette Winterson, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

Hot Coffee

I want it hot, a powerful boiling gift to lick my tongue bitter black or sweet smooth with milk, essential like water or life’s blood. I need it to percolate my endorphins, stimulate my senses, caffeinate my sensibilities and wake me, like a good lover. Then it leaves me wanting more, hot.