Hot Coffee

I want it hot, a powerful boiling gift to lick my tongue bitter black or sweet smooth with milk, essential like water or life’s blood. I need it to percolate my endorphins, stimulate my senses, caffeinate my sensibilities and wake me, like a good lover. Then it leaves me wanting more, hot.


Mikado @ Wagamama – Antwerp

Mum always said “don’t play with your food”. We did not play with food but had fun playing many games of mikado with our chopsticks at Wagamama in Antwerp, Belgium. Positive eating + positive living!

MikadoDid you know that Mikado the game originated in Hungary and brought to the USA in 1936? Amazing what Wikipedia knows on this topic

Food can be a work of art

Vegetarian food is sometimes amazing in restaurants but only occasionally that it looks like a work of art. Yes, it can truly be art.

The complete vegetarian “surprise menu” was actually divine and delicious, in taste and appearance. All credits to the chefs and artists at 1910 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

This sets the benchmark for other restaurants.

Food = art

Apologies to the creators, the iPhone 3GS photo quality does not do justice to the beauty of this dish.