Sports moments of beauty

Faultless speed is what counts in this world. Whitewater, gates, upstream, downstream, start, finish, boat, paddle, better and faster.

I hear the sound of the speaker, excitement is building. I hear the constant pounding of the water. I see the judges watching and noting things down. Missed the gate? Touched the gate? Successful movement through the gate?

Pelicans in flight
Pelicans in flight

I see pelicans flying in formation in circles above. What do they see and know from where they are? I feel nerves, how about the others? Everyone knows what is at stake here. This is what athletes are training for. With everything that is going on around, this space is what counts. How do they measure up against their peers, against and with the water, against themselves?

Focus, disappointment, technique, joy, drive, acceleration, desire… I see it all through my lens. I value and handle these unique appearances with care, as if trying to capture a butterfly. Easily crushed but of exquisite beauty, an opportunity in milliseconds, asking to do justice to its being. I bring a window to this universe. Here so many elements intersect.

I am with them, all of them, when they come in range, here and now. I freeze moments in time. Moments of exceptional beauty.

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