Adventure with Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, the movie, has recently been released in Australia. Steven Spielberg directs the movie and Peter Jackson is one of the producers. It is of course based on the famous comic books. What an adventure and simply fantastic entertainment. An uplifting timeless piece with integrity.

Tintin is a motion capture (movement) or performance capture (face, fingers, subtle expressions) film, which records actions of human actors and are then translated to animate digital character models. Sometimes images from 2D are projected into 3D. It is fascinating how this capture process works.

The movie is visually stunning. Jamie Bell, who plays Tintin, looks very different in life and you know him from the glorious lead role in Billy Elliot. Andy Serkis, master of motion capture acting, plays Captain Haddock. I enjoy watching him as Gollum and the production process in the behind-the-scenes of Lord of the Rings. The movie’s music is also beautiful.

Watch the action on a big screen and join this wonderful voyage while laughing and cheering with others. This is exactly what happened when I watched the movie in a cinema full of adults. Happy days.

» Check out the movie’s website.


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