Readability test encool

ϟ☺ ℑ ḟ◎üᾔḓ ☂нḯṧ ⊥ø◎ℓ ☺η т♄℮ ω℮ß αᾔⅾ ⊥н☺üℊн☂ ℐ ẘ☺ʊʟ∂ ṧℌ@яε ☤☂ ωї☂ℌ ⑂☺ü▣ Ї☂ ℮η¢☺☺ℓṧ ¥øüя ⊥ℯ✖т▪ ♓ї☂ ☂н℮ ♭üттøη øґ @ґґøẘ αᾔ∂ ⑂◎υ ℊεт α ∂ḯƒḟ℮я℮η☂ ṽℯяṧ☤øη ◎ƒ ⊥ℌℯ ☂ℯ✖⊥▣ ₩нα⊥ ḓø ⑂◎υ ⊥ℌḯηḱ⁇

Snow Leopardℑ ღї❡♄⊥ αṧ ω℮łł ﹩♄αґε ﹩☺м℮ ηεẘṧ тℌα☂ ḯ﹩ η◎⊥ ℘αя⊥ḯ¢ʊłαґℓƴ ηℯẘṧẘ◎ґт♄¥: ℐ üρℊяα∂℮ⅾ м¥ ♏α¢ℬ◎☺ḱ ℙґø ﹩øƒ☂ẘαяℯ ƒґ◎м α ✞☤ℊεґ ḉü♭ т◎ α ℒε☺℘αґḓ тø α ℓḯ☂⊥ℓε $ηøω ℒεøρ@яḓ▣ И℮♥ℯґ ℊ☺т @ґøʊᾔⅾ ☂☺ ∂◎ ☤⊥, ʝʊṧт ∂ḯḓη‷☂ ⊥ℌḯᾔк øḟ ї☂▪ Ẏ℮﹩, ℑ кη◎ω, Ḻ☤◎η нαṧ ʝʊ﹩⊥ ♭℮℮η ґεł℮@ṧεⅾ▣

Ѧη⑂ω@⑂, ☂н℮ ⊥ґ@ηṧḟøґღα☂ḯ◎ᾔ ї﹩ αм@ẕїηℊ▣ ℐ ʟø√℮ т♄℮ @ⅾ∂εḓ ḟüηḉ⊥ї◎η@ʟḯ⊥ƴ ϟ℘@¢ℯṧ▪ Ѧηⅾ ẘ℮ℓł, т♄εґε ☤﹩ ﹩◎ μʊ¢♄ μ◎ґε ❡ø☺ḓ ▣ ℐ⊥ ї﹩ α﹩ ☤ḟ ℑ ♄@√℮ @ ᾔℯẘ ℳ@¢▪ Ḻ☺♥☤ᾔ❡ ☤т▣ ∀ґ℮ ƴ☺ʊ ṧ⊥☤ʟʟ ẘ☤тн м℮⁈



So I found this tool on the web and thought I would share it with you. It encools your text. Hit the button or arrow and you get a different version of the text. What do you think?

Snow Leopard
Image via Wikipedia

I might as well share some news that is not particularly newsworthy: I upgraded my MacBook Pro software from a Tiger cub to a Leopard to a little Snow Leopard. Never got around to do it, just didn’t think of it. Yes, I know, Lion has just been released.

Anyway, the transformation is amazing. I love the added functionality Spaces. And well, there is so much more good. It is as if I have a new Mac. Loving it. Are you still with me?

» Check out the Encool tool here. You can also generate symbols and other things.


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