Website live – all safe and sound?

For some time I have worked on this website in the background. Couple of days ago I changed the privacy settings from private to public.

Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

Would the planet stop turning? Could this enormous feat be seen from space? Would the sun and moon set and rise as per expected pattern? Would birds and all other species on this planet and beyond be affected? Would it actually influence space and time? What would happen to me, being out there in digital space? It is now confirmed, all is safe and sound.

Stepping back in time, what did working on this website involve? Mainly choosing and configuring WordPress on appearance, settings and content. This included choosing a theme, setting templates, styles, adding widgets, moving them around, naming things, writing, adding content, adjusting settings related to reading, writing, discussion, sharing, and so on. Overall, see what works and what is possible.

It is quite a process and journey; addictive, time-consuming, rewarding, a learning experience. Some posts are in the making related to this, including choosing WordPress and legal matters.

This website is a work in progress and I am very curious where it will go. Next step is to really share and connect it with the world. It is a joy and privilege to do so. Here it is. Bon voyage!


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