Order food from experienced local cooks

Another great business, which combines delivery of takeaway food prepared by local cooks and online community.

Housebites in the UK offers restaurant quality food, cooked by chefs in a local area, delivered to your door. You can browse the daily menus by a local chef and read their biographies and customer feedback. For dinner parties Housebites recommends that you order at least a day in advance if catering for large numbers. Breakfast, brunch, lunch and pre-cooked food are in the pipeline according to their website.

It is a nice concept to connect the community with great local cooks and their food, while increasing their exposure, business, and flexibility in work arrangements.

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2 thoughts on “Order food from experienced local cooks

  1. Ordering food online has its great advantages. Everyone speaks of the convenience and being able to order from a wide menu and choose from such a widespread range of restaurants. There is also the fact that ordering food online is often cheaper if you are a regular. The more food you order, the more discounts you can get on food on some of these online restaurant websites. But then there are so many advantages that people don’t think about at the outset.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments. There are definitely many advantages. And I like that there are continuous developments in the space of food & online, such as described in the post. If there are similar initiatives in your area or that you know about, feel free to share. 🙂

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