The yearly to do list and the art of crafts

Every year I make a To do list. Yes, I love lists. This yearly one I put together to include things I want to do and accomplish in the year to come. It provides direction and focus on what matters and therefore I refer to it throughout the year.

I have used this tool for years and the lists have improved over the years. From being relatively vague and unachievable, the list has become more realistic and achievable-with-a-stretch. When I complete something I get such a sense of fulfillment, pride and joy. Tick, another important thing achieved.

There is feedback at the point of completion of a task or goal but also at the end of the year. How did I go? I may have done more than I listed or modified certain goals to align with circumstances. Usually this evaluation gives a sense of a certain quality to the past year and informs goals for the next year.

My habit is to include things from different areas of life to promote diversity, cross-fertilization (often I find this happens, such as opportunity to join Sport goal running half marathon with Protect environment goal via fundraising) and simply do justice to life’s wide range. So from projects and getting better at something to taking on a new activity and learn something new. Broadening my horizon. Everything is possible.

Over the past years, something brewed around the fact that after the start of high school, where there was still some handicraft work in the curriculum such as drawing, I did not engage in any physical crafting. I crafted things with my mind studying and working in business. Indeed, there would be physical results because of that, all aligned with the Information Age. However, no creation resulting from arts and crafts such as drawing, knitting, clay modeling, painting, ceramics, paper or wood.

Yet I am always attentive to and admire things that are well crafted, unique and handmade. From a beautifully designed and built house to a wonderful wooden cabinet to amazing jewellery. It is really all around us. So on the 2011 To do list I included an enriching experience to engage my “crafty side”.

» Read here how I went so far.


3 thoughts on “The yearly to do list and the art of crafts

  1. I really enjoyed this article! I too list ‘to do’s’ for the coming year. It is such fun! We still talk of a really great, interesting evening we had with a friend of ours about 10 years ago, when we listed our 5 and 10 year plan to do lists. We still have them – written on the back of paper napkins. …………and how did we fair? Well.all in all, very well – a lot of plans were executed with prescision and flair. Of course some ‘to do’s’ remain languishing at the periphery of the list – I still haven’t completed that PhD; I still haven’t been to Milan.

    Then there are the unexpected things life hurls at us. The friend in question developed cancer – that was not on the list. I can’t remember exactly what he’d written on the back of his napkin – spend more time at the office? Maybe?

    He is in remission and has grabbed life anew all over again with enhanced vigour and zest. The old cliches remain – don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Yes make the lists – but complete them! And as fast as you can!

    Dena Pezet

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