DIY: Chocolate

Not only in the fashion industry you can design yourself, also in the food or confectionary industry; customize your own chocolate!

There is one thing evident when the economy is not going well; people have to eat and love comfort food, such as chocolate. Combine that with a trend showing continuous growing online retail sales numbers as well as a trend of custom-tailoring or personalizing products and the idea for a business was born: Chocomize. Create your own chocolate bars, combining ingredients, from a selection of over 100, like nuts, fruits, spices and candy with dark, milk or white chocolate. After you have designed the bar the way you like it, they will make and ship it (with ice packs if needed).

Customize your chocolate bar

Others playing in this area: German custom chocolate company, which was founded before Chocomize, and two smaller startups and

Some great articles to read on Chocomize in the Wall Street Journal by the Small Business, Big Innovation Blog (short company profile and innovation background), New York Times by Amy Wallace (what happens when entrepreneurs suddenly get so much media exposure that it results in exponential growth), Forbes by Ed Zitron (interview with topics covered: production, staffing, profitability, plans for growth) and CNN by Jacque Wilson (again more background, benefit of writing a business plan and check out the 10 weirdest orders on the left sidebar)

More entrepreneurial customization initiatives to be reported on…

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