Great website and story on Nalden

Oflline I came across a great website online: Nalden.

Els Quaegebeur, from Dutch newspaper Het Parool, interviews founder Ronald Hans. While having launched his book From blogger to brand, he has some digital initiatives on the go (WeTransfer and Kuvva). Ronald’s blog success comes from his website Nalden with 600,000 visitors per month. And big brands such as Nike and NBC buy space for advertising. Not in the form of a boring banner but something called Wallpaper advertising.

The website

The website looks like a desktop where the wallpaper or background takes the form of advertising via beautiful photos with impact. You can see the brand subtle in the right hand corner. These image ads rotate so the user sees something new in the background every now and then. With the variable background the site gets a totally different look. Users can download the wallpaper as well. Very nice.

What I also like is the desktop concept with little windows in the shape of a widget; a little window per content item. Momkai creative digital agency came up with this concept of “a Rich Media Application that handles like an online Operating System and includes audio and video channels, photo blogging and news items”. Finding and browsing the rich content is easy when scrolling through a timeline at the bottom, the little windows, the album, the rich menu. And there’s a shop too.

Overall, it’s a different but great experience.

The story behind it

Regarding the content side of things, Nalden shares and writes about music he thinks others should hear, parties, lifestyle, design, anything he is enthusiastic about really. Thereby he excites other people to take a look somewhere and aims to provide a place for creative people. He enjoys connecting things and people, like creative people with brands to see whether they can do business together and make new things.

In response to comments that he only writes about commercially attractive things, he states that his world is a dictatorship while having natural environmental influences. He decides what is placed on his blog and the criteria; he has to find it beautiful or cool or like it. He finds great things for you but nowadays a lot comes to him where he filters as Nalden has become a quality mark in its own right. (Source: Het Parool)


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