2011 Canoe Freestyle World Championships – Plattling

World championships Canoe Freestyle are held once every two years, with the latest on 20-26 June in Plattling Germany. Some 25,000 spectators watched 400 athletes from 30 countries in action.

Through the coverage online, people from all over the world were able to follow and be part of the event. Some of the coverage included teasers, interviews, daily wrap-ups and updates via Twitter @icfplattling.

World Championships Freestyle in Plattling - just before the stormThere was even live streaming of the competition. So wherever your location, you could see the athletes performing their tricks in the 45s timeframe while listening to the upbeat presenting by the knowledgeable event announcers.

Lots of lively chat next to the live feed showed the buzz of a world engaged. Chat comments from Japanese enthusiasts brought the coach from Team Japan to read them aloud, in Japanese. Not sure about the meaning of what the coach said but the Japanese athletes seemed very happy, encouraged by the home support.

» Watch interviews, wrap-ups and more on the video archive and the live stream channel with archive footage of the competition.

Video wrap-up Final day

What is Canoe Freestyle?

Canoe Freestyle is a whitewater canoe discipline where the paddler performs acrobatic tricks and moves on a river feature such as a wave or hole. The different maneuvers and tricks are similar to those from freestyle snowboarders, surfers and skaters, where the athlete completes spins, flips, turns and more. Although the sport is not yet part of the Olympic program, top canoe freestyle athletes participate in competitions both nationally and internationally. (Source: ICF)


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