Beter, book by Maarten van der Weijden

Maarten van der Weijden became Olympic Champion 10 km Open water swimming at the Beijing Olympics.

On March 12th 2001, I was diagnosed with leukemia. After a stem cell transplant I was lucky to recover. On August 21st 2008, I became OLYMPIC CHAMPION 10 kilometers open water swimming.

– Maarten van der Weijden


Maarten tells his story in his book Beter. Freely translated in English: better, improved, enhanced, recovered, regained one’s health.

It is an honest and moving book. Maarten provides a different angle on dealing with cancer than most other books; undergoing instead of fighting, being lucky instead of conquering, conflicts with relatives instead of complete harmony.

Beter is full of perseverance, drive, performance, having a clear game plan, knowing your competitors, realism, achievement, role of parents and upbringing, courage, always striving for improvement, staying down to earth, making choices, following dreams. Impressive.

Note: this book is in Dutch only.


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