A warm welcome to you. This is my central hub on the internet.

My intention of this space is to continuously create and develop a digital chest of material, all in one place. Here I write about things that catch my attention. I have many interests and share these with a positive mindset. Discovering and exploring a wide spectrum from business to sports to innovation. This is a digital notebook that holds observations, ideas, pictures, sound, things worth sharing and remembering.

Via the different platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, you still hear from me. But the central location is here, it all comes back to this. Keep in touch and be part of the journey!


I operate in a variety of roles and environments. Some of the roles I fulfill, and lenses I put on, are that of researcher, consultant, project manager, writer, scientist, entrepreneur, and photographer. I travel the space of ideas, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. My professional background revolves around these topics from a corporate to a start-up environment to academia. Currently I undertake my PhD research in this space.

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Born and raised in the Netherlands, traveled many places, I now live in Australia. A big country with often beautiful weather, stunning nature, and easygoing people. I enjoy anything new and I am inquisitive by nature. Love traveling, learning, sports, meeting people, exploring and discovering, food, movies, books and culture, making things happen. Keen on the outdoors and cycling on my folding bike, running and hiking from the beach to the mountains. My attention and appreciation go to organizations and people demonstrating excellence in their field; unlocking patterns of organizing, thinking, behavior, emotion, language and communication. The list goes on…

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