Mirjam I


Currently I undertake my doctoral studies in Strategic Management at UNSW Business School, University of New South Wales (UNSW). In this study, exploring ideas and creating knowledge, I draw on experience in different roles in different environments, including corporate, start-up, and international settings. My aspiration is to contribute to broad research areas of interest: strategy, (superior) performance, innovation, and (corporate) entrepreneurship.

My research

ASB ceremonyI am curious about organizations and people across the performance spectrum in their field and across different contexts. Yet, why do some companies and people perform better than others? In my research, I look at this question from the perspective that companies are increasingly confronted with turbulence in their competitive environments. Descriptions of turbulence include radical unpredictable change and uncertainty. Drivers of turbulence include increased global competition, technology developments, unsettled regulations, government instability, and rapid change due to the omnipresence of information and data. These are significant global issues for companies.

An important challenge for companies is to effectively make strategy choices in relation to their environment that varies in turbulence. The future is for example more difficult to predict and what worked in the past may not work as before in the future. These issues complicate future positioning and planning of companies. At the same time, the strategy choices that companies make in relation to their environment help explain performance differences. In other words, strategy choices have significant impact on company performance and survival. My research therefore investigates the strategy choices that companies make and how different turbulent conditions might influence the effect of these strategies on company performance. With this research I aim to inspire and benefit worldwide business and, ultimately, future prosperity of society at large.

Research interests & teaching

– Business strategy and strategic responses
– Environmental turbulence and dynamism
– Performance, excellence, and strategic performance intentions
– Innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship
– Digital/new media, sports, service, and different international contexts

My context

Originally from the Netherlands, you can now see me navigating the streets of Sydney, Australia, with my Brompton folding bike or running and hiking from the beach to the (Blue) mountains. You might also bump into me on my travels when negotiating the planet for exploration and discovery.