Time warp

What? No word since how long? Crazy. Does this happen to you sometimes? Since my last word I traveled from Australia to Europe, and within Europe, where I still am. Lots of things happened. Monumental things. My life will never be the same.

Australia & Europe world map

I had my birthday. I watched, photographed, filmed various fantastic canoeing athletes and teams in the lead up to the London Olympics while I traveled in various countries. I caught up with some people I know and got to know but still missed others. Some people told me some important things, meaningful things. A new generation continues to arrive in my surroundings. I enjoyed wonderful food. Asparagus are everywhere, and how I love them! I read, from newspapers to research, but never enough. I am gearing up for a new big exciting adventure. How brilliant things can work out. More on that in another post.

Well, this is a post to quickly check in. It is perhaps not the most informative or interesting post created but there you have it. ;) Below a couple of pics and a video to get a flavour of the time warp.

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