Thanks for visiting this place in cyberspace. It includes some things about me and some things that catch my attention via infrequent updates. I currently undertake my PhD and do research in the interesting areas of strategy, innovation, and (corporate) entrepreneurship. Combining my diverse background and inquisitive nature I enjoy the adventure and unique experience in the quest for new knowledge. Join me in the exploration!

Organisation of this website is as follows. On your left (if you have a small screen: above) is always the navigation to the website’s main sections: Blog page with all posted articles, About page with information on the website and me, and the Contact page that speaks for itself. At the bottom you can find my latest Twitter updates. On your right (if you have a small screen: below) are first the key ways to find content on this website: Free search, Most recent posts, Filter on a topic category the post is filed under or by month posted, and finally the Archive index with all post titles listed. Also, find website links I like to highlight and share with you. Then, you can leave your email address to subscribe to this website and receive email updates of new posts, no strings attached, handy!

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Keep in touch and happy reading!

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